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We offer core plus, value add and opportunistic investments (as defined below) intended for high net worth and institutional partners.  The opportunities are larger in acquisition price and complexity, which generally fits what many institutions are seeking.

Starboard acquires retail shopping centers that have a redevelopment opportunity.


The typical investment period is three-five years.

Core Plus 

A moderate-risk/moderate-return strategy. These are Core properties that will require some form of enhancement or value-added elements and they may be in secondary markets.

Value Added

A medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-return strategy. It involves improving the property and timing the sale at an opportune time. These properties typically have management or operational problems, require physical improvements, leasing and have suffer from capital constraints.


A high-risk/high-return strategy. These properties will require a higher degree of improvements, such as re-purposing, new entitlements, ground up development, and buy out and/or relocation of tenants.


Ground up retail and select service hotel development with low entitlement risk.  Locations with high demand generators for our proposed use and low and quantifiable competitor development risk.

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